Miyu Decay ~ Black Pudding Feature

I first got hip to Stephanie Inagaki's jewelry pieces doing random searches on Etsy. When I came across her shop I could hardly contain myself. Gorgeous cast pieces in materials such as sterling and pewter, mixed with fine textiles including leather, feathers, thread, hair and more. Going further and checking out her portfolio I was even more stunned. Impeccable craftsmanship mixed with creativity and individuality like no other. You can tell her work is a labor of love and it shows. Having purchased the above bat-skull necklace, I was really impressed at the communication we had, not to mention that she customized the strap to my preferences. In addition to being gracious, friendly and sharing similar tastes in fashion, I am glad I also found a new friend!:) If you haven't already, please support this amazing artist and her work. It's rare gems like these that always put a smile on my face. Stephanie, having your necklace with me in Paris was like having a little magical piece of inspiration -thanks again for everything! :)


  1. Her pieces are awesome AND affordable! Definitely going to have to get one of her pieces!

  2. Yes! She is amazing and really really sweet! :)