I currently don't have any tattoos and probably never will, due to skin complications that could or could not be potentially scarring to me. (I made the decision to avoid the risk and not find out) But I can always live vicariously through beautiful images such as these. Done correctly, tattoos can enhance the body in mesmerizing ways, where the placement of the piece that just fits the curvature of the particular area is perfection, where the body comes  more alive -a canvas of soulful energy and ethereal beauty. Similar to clothing, but more permanent... There is a difference with well done tattoos vs. bad...and no amount of cover-up will enhance what should never have been in the first place...a personal ritual of the Self, a passage into the night of transformed being -the art of body enhancement is something to be mastered and not taken lightly. You've only got one skin, so make the most of it.