Deadly Ponies

Skeleton Bag
Bags are like shoes. You always have waaay too many, yet you keep coming back for more. On my endless hunt for the perfect bag, I've bulldozed my way through a maelstrom of black leather and pleather, buckles and rubber, zippers and chains,reconstructed, recycled, re-purposed, studded chaos. (yeah, I like over-the-top, tough-chick bags) High-end to low-end, gothic chic to gutter punk, and occasionally some trendy knock-offs thrown in ... but....I still haven't found what I'm looking for and probably never will. (although this one could be my next victim.)


Bella Lili

I admit, I have a weakness for skulls and wings...so when I stumbled upon Bella Lili's etsy store, I was sent spiraling into sheer, Goth-Victorian bliss. Elegant, beautiful *and* affordable, her gorgeous baubles are to die for.  Pictured above is the Purgatory Necklace. The day he showed up in my mailbox, was definitely a happy one.


Chunky Bling

Can we say "Obsessed"?

L to R Top: Silver snake ring Low Luv x Erin Wasson, Tuxedo Ring by Hardcandy Gems, rhinestone knuckle ring from Nasty Gal, Pyramid ring from Heist, Boulder ring Low Luv x Erin Wasson, rhinestone armor ring Forever 21, Knuckle ring by Robert Lee Morris, sterling talon ring by Leviticus.

Alexander Squared

Alex + Alex = Hybrid
They remind me of a combination of Alexander McQueen's Faithful Bootie fused with Alexander Wang's Carrington heel.  Both I think, are from seasons past? Couldn't decide between the two back then? Now you can have both!

Dolce Vita Lana Platforms - $263
Get them here

God Save McQueen (reprise)

Jeffrey Campbell's tribute to Alexander McQueen

(I feel shoe-lust coming on...wondering if they'll make them in snakeskin as well? yesssss.)

Limited Quantities available at LF Stores coming soon.