Rodarte x Jason Last

SOLILOQUY 88 from JASON LAST on Vimeo.

Collaboration between Jason Last and Jaime Rubiano
Filmed for Hintmag featuring Rodarte Spring 2010, shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood

"Radium, a white radioactive metal with the atomic number 88, turns black when exposed to oxygen. The film explores themes of decay, metamorphosis, transformation, etc, all through the lens of a dystopian and sci-fi vision, with a soundtrack by David Madden."


Blood is the New Black

Left to Right: Jacket crew by Brian Lichtenberg, Sister Morphine Boyfriend Tee, Hex Mex T by Demonbabies, Lips tank by Brian Lichtenberg

T-shirts to me, remain the undefeated champion, all-around necessity piece of clothing that almost everyone in the world probably owns. So with the amount of Tees that are available on the internet, the selection and variety is overwhelming. Then once in a blue moon, along comes a collective that melds fashion and function into a startling personality piece, capable of sharing body-space with that great jacket you just splurged your rent on, or the pair of shoes that cost an arm and a leg, etc. Blood is the New Black is a great site filled with tees from a myriad of independent artists and designers. Just remember, if your motto has always been comfort over fashion, now you can have both.