Hayden Harnett for TRON

This is going to be my last (but long) blog post for awhile since I'll be on vacation tomorrow, but I just got back from seeing TRON Legacy in 3D. Being a die-hard fan of the original 80s classic, I was skeptical and expecting something totally mediocre, something contrived; another failed remake lost in the sea of cgi-overkill. The latter is what got me the most, seeing as how the original was so cutting edge during its time, but during a time where the internet, social-networking, and blogging were virtually non-existent. I was afraid the new version would fall flat, a  seemingly 'easy' Hollywood effort with all the technology around today, and even the news of 'latest cutting edge' techniques cropping up wouldn't convince me totally...until I saw it. The verdict? I'll say this. Plot = average, but solid and comparable with the original. Visuals = I just about peed myself. So beautiful was it that 'visually stunning' can't seem to fully describe the aesthetics of the film. It was exquisite, and I was lost.  Couple that with Daft Punk's soundtrack and I was floating in dark, cyber-heaven, dreaming of what life would be like in Tron-world.  My eyes felt like they were on holiday, drinking in the gorgeous dark, neon metropolis landscapes, not to mention Beau Garrett and Olivia Wilde in their extreme hotness. It also comes as no surprise that these ladies proved inspirational, forcing me to scour every nook and cranny of the internet for Tron-esque wares (the shoes...it's all about the friggin' shoes!) but alas, all I came up with were accessories for now. The above are some neato bags being offered by Hayden Harnett. I am particularly fond of the cuff and wouldn't mind the little clutch. Above these, I had to post pics of the gorgeous Tron sirens. I'll be waiting to get my grubby hands on a pair of "Quorra" boots if they ever become available.




I've always been a fan of humorous shirts that take well-known labels and deconstruct them into a whole new context and meaning. The one above is no exception and seems like it was made to fit my tastes for the dark-side. Love the destroyed holey-ness too. Great shirt to throw on and layer underneath some studded leather.


Viva La Gorey

Thanks to Ryan a.k.a Gnarbucket for sending me this...Bloomsbury Auctions in New York is featuring Edward Gorey items for die-hard collectors and aficianados, Dec. 9, 2010 TODAY! Check out specifically, the fur coats up for bid. Animal Activists from far and wide might frown upon these pieces, but my jaw dropped when I saw these, just visualizing a living breathing Gorey-esque winter, with someone wearing one of them. Further, the little skull necklace and medallion necklaces are precious. I can feel the inspiration pouring forth. 1925 was long ago but my Gashlycrumb admiration will live on.




Courtesy of Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons. Genius and had me in frenzied fits of :want:. The leather-bound books and Black Honey are on my list -simply stunning pieces and concept.

Apple Loggies!

 New necklace from MiyuDecay

 Rogue Beet Archer Necklaces
 JC Zaf Booties with removable harness (another discounted score that is so reminiscent of Alex Wang's latest Collection)

Guys, I'm so sorry for the extreme lack of posts lately. It's the Holiday Season so the game of catch-up is being played. Posting some lovely new items I recently acquired -and remember those JC Litas I couldn't decide on? Well, our friends at Karmaloop are having a tremendous sale so it looks like the buckle-version did me in. I really need to stop buying shoes. (yeah, right). My other latest obsession is jewelry (big surprise) but specifically raw crystals and even more specifically Black Tourmaline, onyx and geode druzy pieces. The top pic is a bat skull necklace acquired from Etsy Seller MiyuDecay -Stephanie makes gorgeous accessories that are available in either sterling or pewter and she's super nice. Love!



Lita. It's either one or the other...fur vs. buckles. I'm dying!

Let there be more light...

in as few words as possible...
this man's artwork is simply awesome.

Portland Pretties

Latest Etsy Finds from Emily Ryan and Liza Reitz -two Portland pretties with style right up my alley. How cute, versatile and chic are these pieces?!



No blogging today. It's a day reserved for Cupcakes, toasted pumpkin seeds and silent-screams.


Lara Jade Photography

from her twitter:
"There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other."