Apple Loggies!

 New necklace from MiyuDecay

 Rogue Beet Archer Necklaces
 JC Zaf Booties with removable harness (another discounted score that is so reminiscent of Alex Wang's latest Collection)

Guys, I'm so sorry for the extreme lack of posts lately. It's the Holiday Season so the game of catch-up is being played. Posting some lovely new items I recently acquired -and remember those JC Litas I couldn't decide on? Well, our friends at Karmaloop are having a tremendous sale so it looks like the buckle-version did me in. I really need to stop buying shoes. (yeah, right). My other latest obsession is jewelry (big surprise) but specifically raw crystals and even more specifically Black Tourmaline, onyx and geode druzy pieces. The top pic is a bat skull necklace acquired from Etsy Seller MiyuDecay -Stephanie makes gorgeous accessories that are available in either sterling or pewter and she's super nice. Love!

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