Send in the clowns

Honestly I'm totally loving the playfulness of this collection and there are a few pieces that I'd actually add to my wardrobe for a pop of a color mixed with darks. Really love the fur wraps in the fun bright colors. Reminds me of Tokyopop Mangas mixed with some Club-kid decadence -I'm thinking a diy faux-version is in order.


Wood Nymph

Elkin A/W '11
via fashionising.com

Cute as a button, and makes me want to have afternoon tea in a graveyard, for some reason ;). Nice to see a pair of Foxy's cropping up in these pics -JC is trying to take over the world!


How gorgeous is that metallic/gradient dress?!


White Swan



Photography: Julia Chesky Model: Iana Godnia
Makeup: Luxirare  Styling: Luxirare

How jealous am I of everything in these photos??!  Those Dsquared boots again...uggggghhh! Someday my fantasy of owning a pair will come to pass(not). Photos from Luxirare's *extraordinary* blog. I'm a die-hard fan of her exquisite photography and find myself salivating everytime I lay eyes on her latest creations. That jacket -amazing!!!!

Ebay Find

Remember those super cute Miu Miu shoes with the adorable swallow and kitty prints? Doing a recent search, now Ebay is flooded with sellers offering knock-off versions for a fraction of the price. 50-60 bucks as opposed to 500-600 bucks.(I got the black/navy ones pictured above, of course! :))



Fashion for your computer. As a longtime fan of Datamancer's work, I had to blog and say that I want this keyboard so f**king bad it hurts, -I can almost feel my fingers fondling the black leather padding and drawing tiny spirals on the raised, vintage keys. Yes. Please. It's like porn for your gadgets. Saving the pennies. Breathtaking Steampunkery at it's finest and he does custom for Macs -I'm almost tempted to ask him about future Ipad mods, if he hasn't made them already.


Mugler FW 2011