None more black...
(reblogged from Darqueness via tumblr, Shakuhachi paneled silk dress, Jeffrey Campbell Zeke platforms x bonadrag)



Sorry for the frequently inactive posting...I'm trying to catch up, but lately life's been getting in the way...here's just a couple of images and things I'm lovin' this week...totally coveting everything by Pamela Love (bottom). Especially when a friend of mine walked in to work this morning, sporting one of her tribal necklaces and cuff bracelets...shit yeah. Oh, and the JC's above (and what looks to be a pair in the over-the-top photo)...they friggin' hurt my feet, but look hot = sacrifices. The gorgeous Baphomet statue by Maxine Miller is one of *the most amazing* I've ever seen, and Elvira, my favorite campy ghoul...engaging in a favorite past-time: bubble baths....summer is cooler when it's dark outside.



I don't know girls....hot or not?
one thing's for sure, practicality just went out the window with these babies...get them here



The Ann D open-wedge sandals pictured above made me do a double-take. I always love her innovative stylings. The second pic is Deena and Ozzy's version -a little less flash, but still the closed-face on one side. A new breed of sandal in the sea of strappy gladiator-trends. I included the Mace necklace from Lillian Crow just for effect.



Hey peeps! I've been slacking in the blogosphere and promise to catch up soon. In the meantime, I had to post my latest little love from Funktional. Galaxy-print has me scouring the universe for more. Summertime just yielded more options...


It's Witchcraft...

Lately I've been totally obsessed with natural, raw crystals and semi-precious gemstones; black quartz, citrine, pyrite and drusy stones, et al. An above snapshot with my Harvest moon pendant, diy black agate slice on an antique chain, trianglur black tourmaline courtesy of NobleTown Vintage and more. Be sure to check out tonight's full moon..it's a Supermoon and supposedly the biggest yet. I know Ru's ready (pictured below...)


The Sun Will Rise Again

100% of the profits of this t-shirt will help support Red Cross disaster relief efforts in aiding those affected by the earthquake in Japan and tsunami throughout the Pacific.