Yes Please.

Apparently only a limited number of 350 pieces -whaaaat? I'm not seeing them available on the US site, just the UK store. I need, no WANT the black one naturally. The red is pretty awesome too..125 pounds is pretty steep but its DM and since their legendary boots are built to last, I'm hoping the same goes for their bags.  Currently rocking a BDG satchel I bought at Urban not too long ago and unfortunately it's already showing signs of wear along the edges and seams. Not real leather, cheap, but the look is cute. Can't afford a Proenza so this would be a nice in-between. I love the fact that these bags have the clear pocket on the front too -perfect for business cards!

Honestly...this is cool!

Spotted this awesome diy project via Honestly...WTF's blog. (click on the link for the full tutorial) I can see the possibilities with this and just think, embroidery floss in an array of dark and metallic colors would be excellent! I actually have a bunch of silver curb-chain bracelets sitting around that need some love...this is perfect! Maybe I'll post pictures soon.

Channelling Dr. Zhivago?

Galliano never ceases to amaze me. The Fall 2010 menswear line features a decidedly Russian-feel. I'm reminded of Omar Sharif, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Genghis Kahn and a bit of Cirque de Soleil meets forest-imp-of-the-Russian-Federation, all rolled in one. I don't think there's one guy I know currently, that would sport these outfits, except maybe the first couple of pics (my man does have a penchant for long coats and canes if he's feeling spooky from time to time...and I'm pretty sure he would've been glad to have one of these on his last trip to Moscow) Love the creativity, the practicality, not so sure about.