Gary Graham Fall 2011 RTW

There's something very Ziggy Stardust/New York Dolls to me about this collection -maybe it's the mullet-esque hairstyles, but I'm digging the patterns mixed with the feminine satin fabrics and funky street-style. Interesting, no doubt.


None More Black...

I've blogged before and I'll blog again. I simply *adore* those catz at Blood is the New Black. On top of supporting some of the most badass artists and designers for their collective, these guys provide impeccable service and amazingly awesome T-shirt designs that come in a variety of cuts and styles. Recently, I purchased a 'bargain bag' of shirts from them for a measley $35 bucks specifying that my favorite artist was Jesus Rivera of Demonbabies.com. I figured it was overstock and I wasn't about to pass up this good of a deal. My package took a little longer than expected to arrive, and to make up for it, Mandy ended up sending me a bunch of freebies thrown into the mix! As with all 'blind assortments', I was expecting to be surprised, but not as surprised as when I received my shirts. My jaw fucking dropped when I saw them, and all I remember, is doing a humpty dance around the room with glee. To be completely honest, I think I'm pretty stocked on 'evil' shirts for the next Millennium and beyond. I can't wait to rock the "Eat Shit and Die" shirt by Brian Lichtenberg at my next cozy outing - one shirt for every (bad)mood. Dear Summer...it's definitely on.