In Wolves Clothing

is a show that revolves around our enduring fascination with and use of dolls in contemporary visual language.
"Today, high art and high fashion’s enthralment with the doll as a medium with a message continues. From Matell’s Barbie who has literally — albeit unexpectedly — pioneered high-powered jobs for woman over the last sixty years to the newly celebrated Enchanted Doll by Marina Bychkova telling a tale of vulnerability beneath layers of elaborate costuming, the art form continues to be a metaphor of personal identity.  Able to freely explore the beautiful, the bizarre, and the grotesque all at once with flexibility that an actual human cannot, the doll has essentially become a modern deity for contemporary problems, a platform on which to stitch a story."
Artists in the show include the following: Viktor & Rolf, Andrew Yang, Barbie, Nancy Fouts, Marina Bychkova, Nick Knight, Michael Baumgarten, Lone Sigurdsson, Laurie Simmons & Peter Jensen. Show runs 9 September 2010 — 30 October 2010 in London.

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