Witchy Woman

Top to Bottom: Stevie Nicks via Sweets are Lime, Mark Fast for Topshop Fall 2010, Lace Booties by Betsey Johnson, Tattoo Leggings and via Pixiemarket, Sisters of the Black Moon shot by Alexandra Valenti, Chanel Resort 2011, Vest via Goodgoth.com, balloon sleeve dress via Pixiemarket, Splendid, Charli and Foxy heels via Jeffrey Campbell

I'll admit, I've never been a fan of the 'Haute Hippie' look and when thinking of it, embarrassingly, my mind starts to re-live the days of the late 80s-90s, when I donned black crochet, bell-sleeved dresses and handkerchief-hems...I was a sad attempt  -trying to emulate a cross between Stevie Nicks and a Goth Flower Child on crack.  I got rid of that look, but, alas....times change, we get older, less judgmental right? yeah, right.) As fashion seems to regurgitate itself throughout the years, I always see familiar styles cropping up, and always in the most unexpected of places. So in my boredom of style-repetition, I found myself re-visiting once again, those questionable pieces that have long since, flew out of my posession and into the nearest Salvation Army...and boy, do I wish I had some of it now...back to Bohemia, updated and reprised with an edgy twist! (leave the ren-faire re-enactment look out of this!)

Above, I've compiled some inspiration that to me, channels the 'Dark Goddess' for hot summer days and nights...Lovin' all of the above -especially the Mark Fast stuff coming soon to Topshop. A bit Goth, a bit witchy and pretty sexy -crochet without the dowdiness = Haute.


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