The Paper Runway

top 3 images via the Loop Scoop
bottom 3 images by moi. 

If the world were made of paper, I certainly wouldn't mind, and viewing HCCC's recent exhibit, The Paper Runway, I could at least get an idea of what it would be like, if all my clothes were made from paper. From a series of LBD's to a gorgeous black and white cut-out gown, a jacket made of hair and teabags, to a full suit cut from lottery tickets...this show was to die for. Artists from all ilks represented their interpretations, right down to tissued net skirts that flowed gently like the lightest of gossamer fabrics. A gorgeous Kimono-esque gown stood by itself and hypnotized me with its patterns and colors, while a delicate child's apron sat suspended with prints of Godzilla displayed like fine toile from a French chateau.  Pretty sweet. The Paper Runway is definitely a feast of textural bliss, taking the art of adornment to a whole new level and throwing out inspiration like a virus. The connection between clothing and identity is a strong one and the pieces on display seem to convey this message nicely. If you live in H-town, I'd highly recommend checking out the show.  Runs from June 4 - September 5.


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