Gothic Architecture

Not many Goths I know, circuit the scene of the architectural world, let alone win multiple awards and accolades for their genius. When I discovered Odile Decq, I got an immediately warm and fuzzy feeling inside.  The Parisian-Breton-based architect has not only won numerous awards, but holds highly esteemed titles such as Commander of the Order of the Arts and Letters, and Knight of the Legion of Honor, establishing her as a "star architect" that celebrates a career spanning 30+ years.  Recent projects include a new expansion of MACRO (Modern Contemporary Arts Museum in Rome), with a private preview of the developments held on May 27th., 2010. Her images reveal a vision of pale-makeup and a child-like smile, huge, teased black hair, black eyeliner, and dark lips -falling somewhere between Siouxsie Sioux, and Mrs. Fiend, and every bit as charming and amazing as her masterful works. I know it's not really looks that count, but it's nice to see someone who defies the constraints of typecasting and stereotypes..Oh yeah, and check out her cool moleskine notebook too.


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