I've always been a fan of Etsy, purchasing as well as selling on the site for many years. I'm always amazed at the amount of unique and creative content that crops up in the sea of handmade-hysteria. Fashion is obviously not limited to well-known, high-end designers that have established names in the field, and looking at the amount of independent talent that graces Etsy's world, it is definitely one place that houses some of the most amazing and original designs I've seen.  Some of my picks currently -note the craftsmanship and detailing. Fashion is a matter of personal style and taste, but I feel it is also an extension of one's individual expression. In my humble opinion, style should be an enhancement and extension of the Self, not a marketing ad of trends, that sit on the person like a clothes-hanger. In a sea of clones that cash in on popularized items worn by millions+ around the world, I'll always be the girl that goes for that dress not everyone has.

Top to Bottom: Helix Burnout Velvet Cocoon Cape by BlackMarketBaby, Leather Choker by MetamorphDK, Cage skirt by Leilanniland, Leather Spats by FamilySkiners, Short Gladiator Dress by AttilaDesign, Claw Gauntlet by MetamorphDK


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